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The Variations of Slots

When it comes to online casino games, few are as popular as slots. Thanks to their straightforward game design and attractive bonuses and potential jackpot prizes, both casuals and enthusiasts alike enjoy playing them. Another thing that sets them apart from other games is their variations. In this guide, we’ll cover some of the types of slots that you’re likely to encounter online from gaming platforms such as NetBet for example. In that way, you can choose which to play based on your preferences, bankroll, and other parameters. Keep on reading if you wish to know more.


  • Classic slots

Commonly referred to as three-reel slots, the classic variation is the most basic and straightforward of all slot games. They’re also known as the one-armed bandits as a reference to the traditional mechanical machines. This variation is ideal for those looking for quick plays since the rules are easy to understand. With progressive and generous jackpot prizes, it’s easy to see why they remain as well-liked today as they were in the past.

Another reason why classic slots are so popular is that they are much faster to play than other variations. Also, with their high variance, there’s a chance to either lose everything or win big, adding to the fun factor of these games.

  • Five-reel slots

Five-reel slots, also known as video slots, are considered the forerunners with online casino slots because they originally came with video screens rather than mechanical reels in brick-and-mortar gaming rooms. In other words, they’re the successors to the more classic machines and are common in both online and offline casinos. Their immense popularity comes from the attractive visuals and sounds, enhancing the experience for their players in ways that classic slots do not.

Another element that makes five-reel slots attractive is their pay lines. Because they have more, it gives players much greater odds of getting a win than the aforementioned three-reel slots. As a result, there’s a better chance for player bets to last much longer.

  • Virtual reality

With all the advantages it yields, it comes as no surprise that many sectors like the entertainment industry continue to embrace virtual reality, and online casinos are no exception. Through the use of various peripherals, players can enjoy an experience similar to land-based casinos within the comforts of their homes. Despite being in its infancy in internet gambling, it’s expected to make the same strides as it does in online gaming.

  • I-slots

For those trying to find the most enjoyable online slot games, you want to consider I-slots. Apart from their conventional reels, they also come with bonuses and free spins. Players can trigger specific bonus stages with this online slot variation, enabling them to multiply potential winnings. The most significant difference between I-slots from other types of slot games is that it isn’t all about luck, but there’s also a fair level of skill involved.


It pays to be familiar with the many different kinds of online slot games. After all, it will enable you to choose the one you’ll immensely enjoy and give you the experience you’re looking for. So, keep the variations mentioned above in mind when you’re looking for online slots.


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